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The Moxie Diff.

Do kids say diff? Imagine with me, if you will, sitting in the styling chair of a beloved salon you finally made time for. (Six months of outgrowth say whatttt?) For the first time since the Jennifer Aniston, you know EXACTLY how you want your hurr. 
It’s all AMY ADAMS HERE WE COME until you see your stylist bust out some box color. YEAH, YOU READ IT RIGHT....BOX HAIR COLOR. The kind you bought for $6 in college when your roomie swore all the celebs dye with L’Oréal. 
As good people of society, we’ve come to realize that shortcuts are only fruitful when playing Candyland. 
I like the box dye metaphor because the same principle applies to cheap online bulk flowers vs professional-grade wholesalers. As a florist, I wouldn’t buy bulk blooms online. Not because I’m some snooty ass-hat – I’m the first to tell you how much I hate floral glue and how much I love canned wine. It’s because where you source your product matters. And in the end, it shows. 
The whole reason Flower Moxie exists is to save brides money on bouquets they couldn’t otherwise afford from a florist WITHOUT skimping on floral quality. You get the same flowers florists use because we only source from professional wholesalers in the USA who also freak the eff out about peonies.
No substandard farms. No subpar quality. And all the tutorials you could ever need to make you feel confident about saving that green.

It's how we put the dayum in diy, people.

Seeing is believing so scroll on sister!