DIY Supply Checklist

General Supply List:
  • Snips or Prunning Shears **Make sure you have extra for helpers!
  • Scissors
  • Short Plastic Buckets for Flowers. **I really love those short plastic bathroom trashcans from Walmart, they are around $1.50 each. Average 1-2 buckets for every $100 dollars spent.
  • Gardening Gloves   **I like the ones with leather palms to protect from pesky thorns
  • Mason Jars or Small Plastic Cups   **Great for your small, delicate blooms!
Specific DIY Supply List:

  • 1 Roll of Stem Tape. ***One roll will do ya, sweet peas!
  • Pixie Pins  **One box should cover all your weddin' needs.
  • Bind Wire OR 1/4'' Ribbon
Pin-On Corsages:
  • Same as bouts, just make sure you get pretty ribbon!
Wrist Corsages:
Arch or Pergola:
  • Oasis Foam Cage
  • 11'' Zip Ties   **Connect as many as needed to wrap around the posts!