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New to DIY??

We would never leave you on a deserted island without canned wine (...or Johnny Depp). We would also never leave you with a box of flowers to 'figure it out for yourself.' 




So let us take you step-by-step down the DIY path. There are nachos and boxed wine here. Unlimited high-fives and acceptance.


The 2 main reasons you're here:

- Save Money -

Your florist quote costs as much as your car and left you with the decision to DIY or say, “Welp, here’s my Civic!”

- Guidance -

You need more than a box of flowers. You need recipes and a game-friggin-plan so you can work your DIY wedding flowers like a piece of chewing gum.

Step 1: Everything is Figureoutable

Make a list

Jot down all flower arrangements you need. Below is a handy worksheet to help you with this!


Make a Pinterest board

I bet you can make a Pinterest board like it’s your job! Below is a quick video on how to make an effective board for DIY flowers so that you’re not drunk-pinning in your Uber ride.

Figure out your budget

You can expect to save 50-60% of your florist quote. Below our DIY Budget Guide to help you determine costs.

Step 2: Window Shop

Peruse Collections

Strolling through our Collections is the best way to begin.

1. Take a look at the packages that best fit your color palette.  

2. Jot down the specific flowers that give you all the feels.

3. Do any of these packages fit your needs?

Step 3: Reach Out

We want to hear from you!

• Need a Collection modified? We can do this!

• Want to discuss whether or not you need a Custom Design? Hit us up!

• Need to share your reoccurring dream of showing up to your own wedding Crocs and a chipped tooth!?!?!? SPILL!

Step 4: Order your flowers and get ready!


Here’s our big, fatty DIY Resource page to answer all the burning (non-itching) questions.


Here’s where you’ll find many of our tutorials so you can practice with the flowers plucked from your neighbor’s yard.

End Goal

You + Bae = Slay

You and your friends are going to slay your DIY wedding flowers while belting out Toto’s Africa. Then you’re going to marry the love of your life and hopefully wind down at some Mexican resort drinking a blue margarita out of a boot. That’s winning, y'all. And we’re here for all of it!