MOCKUP How to Design / Floral Design 101

Start with greenery

We begin with greenery - it's the foundation of an arrangement. Do you like a look that's more woodsy with seeded eucalyptus? Something light and airy like silver queen pittosporum or belles of ireland? Something light green and springy like bupleureum??? You get the point; decide which look you're going for and start by choosing your greenery.
Seeded Eucalyptus
Belles of Ireland
Silver Queen Pittosporum
Pink Floyd rose
White Hydrangea
Cream Spray Rose
Blush Carnation

Volume Flowers & Roses

These are the flowers that are going to cover a lot of area and are cost-friendly. Filling a vase with a few hydrangeas is a lot less pricey than filling them with anemones and ranunculus. As a florist, this is the second thing I establish when writing up a design for my client....what will be the base flowers of the design? What will cover a lot of area without blowing the budget?

Accent Flowers

These little flowers are the bling of a floral arrangement. Like jewelry, they are small and bit pricey but you don't need a lot to make a statement. If your heart desires all 'Accent Flowers', then have at it, sister! I won't stop you!
Blush Pink Ranunculus
Red Peonies
Blushing Bride Protea
Queen Anne's Lace

How do I put this together?

Here are some examples to get you started!
For an average-sized bridal bouquet:
  • 2-3 types of greenery
  • 2-4 volume flowers
  • 1-3 accent flowers
Most bridal bouquets have 25-35 stems depending on how large & in charge you want yours to be. These are only approximations - you can get as extra as you like! But remember: the more stems you add, the heavier and pricer your bouquet becomes.

Heres are some ideas to make the bouquet at right your own:
  • Gunni + dusty miller + baby eucalpytus
  • Cream spray roses + white veronica
  • Cream garden roses* (like O'Hara or Romeo)
*In this case, garden roses can be pricey and therefore will be your focal flower and spray roses + veronica will be part of the "supporting cast" of volume flowers. See? We're breaking our own rules already AND SO CAN YOU
For an average-sized bridesmaid bouquet:
  • 1-3 kinds of greenery
  • 1-3 volume flowers
  • 1-2 accent flowers
  • typically a mini version of the bridal bouquet
** You'll typically use a total of 10-20 stems in a bridesmaid bouquet
Make the bouquet at right your own with:
  • Dusty miller + brunia berries + thistle
  • Cream spray roses + vendela roses
  • Cream ranunculus