Alison's Bio:
Unwrap a Werther’s Original people – it’s story time. When I first started Flower Moxie, I must’ve sent my web guy Alison’s website 36 times and he was like I GET IT, YOU WANT TO BE JUST LIKE HER. Side note, my site didn’t look a wink like hers, I think out of his own spite.

At this point, I didn’t know Alison. She could have been a cheese-hater. But we had a very serendipitous encounter at wholesale a few months later. I saw her in all her glory – 9 months pregnant and very kind when I shouted at her: “HI! I’M AMY MCCORD, I'M A HUGE FAN OF THE WAY YOU HANDLE YOUR RANUNCULUS. ALSO, I JUST LEARNED HOW TO ZIP TIE BOUQUETS AND IT WAS A GAME CHANGER SO DO YOU WANNA BE FRIENDS??!?!”

I assume she was hormonal and felt sorry for me, so we exchanged numbers and have been the best nerdy flower friends ever since.

Here’s more about Alison:
• Started out as a Zoology major and graduated with a degree in Interior Design. Her work at construction and architecture firms featured a fresh fusion of indigenous animal dung pottery—I’m kidding. She’s a legit designer.
• Had a job as a floral assistant in college – decided to meld her love of design, space and hands-on floral work to create her own custom event floral studio: Juniper Designs!
• Juniper Designs is a wild success- published in Martha Stewart, Magnolia Rouge, Style Me Pretty, Green Wedding Shoes, and Junebug Weddings!
• Had the babies. Wanted to keep her arms in flowers and her head and heart with her family – SO SHE JOINED MOXIE!!!!!! SUCK IT, WEB GUY! (Also I still need you to maintain my website xoxo.)
• Dedicated to breaking the stigma of the DIY bride/wedding (preach girl).
• A wine tooth that is second to one.