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Meet Abby:

In Amy's Words:
Several years ago, I half-assed an email response to a hopeful college intern. I know my skin looks impeccable but, this isn’t my first rodeo – I've had plenty of bright-eyes work one wedding and ghost when they realize it’s ‘hard’ and they can’t Kardashian in the corner all night.

I handled sweet Abby's inquiry with the same healthy skepticism I use when a long-lost friend messages me all “HEY STRANGER” before posting a link to HERBALIFE.

But Abby persisted. So I gave her a wedding, and surprise! She immediately became irreplaceable. I taught her wedding planning, flowers, and forced her to work for Moxie while holding on to her legs as she left for college. AND NOW HERE SHE IS.

In her words:

In high school I attended a wedding at the Old Trinity Chapel. I instantly fell in love with the little place and was encouraged by owners/wedding planners Amy and Sarah to follow my dream of being a wedding planner.

About four years later I reached out to them to see if they offered internships. I was overjoyed when they said yes! At my first meeting with Amy she asked me if I was interested in learning florals too, I was thrilled and said of course! For the past two years now, I have been soaking up all of the knowledge about wedding planning and floral design that these two are willing to share.

I attended Oklahoma City University where I just graduated in May of 2018 with a Bachelor of Science in Entertainment Business with a focus in event planning from the Ann Lacy School of American Dance and Entertainment. As soon as I graduated and had time to commit to a day job, Amy let me start working for Flower Moxie! (I don’t know if “let me work for her” is the right term… more like pushed me into the deep end!)