By The Bunch

The flowers and greenery listed in these groupings were chosen due to predictability and popularity.  

Ok, on to the next tidbit of info.  These flowers are grouped together for a reason.  Putting together a floral arrangement is a bit like putting together an outfit.  Think about it, we get out of the shower, we put on our underroos (I hate the word 'panties' and refuse to put it on my business site, except for tell you I hate it), then we put on our clothes to cover our body (cause my mom told me she wasn't raising a floozy), and then we bust out the accessories and bling ourselves out like a Kardashian!  

Same steps for flowers: 

  1. Greenery:  We begin with greenery, it the foundation of an arrangement.  Do you like a more woodsy look (seeded eucalyptus), something light and airy (silver queen pitt), something light green and springy (bupleureum)???  You get the point, decide which look you're going for and start by choosing your greenery.  

  2. Volume Flowers and Roses:  These are the flowers that are going to cover a lot of area and are cost-friendly.  Filling a vase with a few hydrangea is a lot less pricey than filling them with anemones and ranunculus.  As a florist, this is the second thing I establish when writing up a design for my client....what will be the base flowers of the design?  What will cover a lot of area without blowing the budget?

  3. Accent Flowers:  These little flowers are the bling of a floral arrangement.  Like jewelry, they are small and bit pricey but you don't need a lot to make a statement.  If your heart desires all 'Accent Flowers', then have at it, sister!  I won't stop you!




Volume Flowers


Accent Flowers