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Oasis Wet Floral Foam Iglus - 5 Iglus

Oasis Wet Foam Iglu Cages provide intense stability and moderate hydration for your DIY floral installations. Foam Iglus are perfect for thin, minimalistic copper wedding arches, lanterns, floral wall installations, or as a simple, stand-alone vaseless centerpiece.

$ 19.00

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Quantity:   5 Oasis Iglus
Material:    Wet Floral Foam and Plastic Cage
Specifications:    3.5 x 3.5''

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Uses and Purposes:  

  • Oasis Wet Foam Iglu Cages are used to provide stability and hydration in floral arrangements specifically for installations.
  • The hard plastic cage prevents the wet floral foam from falling apart due to the weight of flowers.  
  • Iglus are perfect for thin copper arches, lanterns, floral wall installations, or as a stand-alone vase-less centerpiece.  
  • Iglu cages have a small hole for a nail, or you can use zip ties to attach. 
  • Soak the foam brick for 30 minutes.
  • IMPORTANT FLORAL TIP:  Although the foam provides hydration, it is not enough for the flowers to 'live' in it alone.  Meaning, if you build an arrangement in wet foam that is not submerged in a vase of water, the vase life of the flowers will be 1 day or less in hot weather months. 

Supply Quantity Help:

  • Iglu Can Hold:  1/4th bunch of greenery, 3-5 filler flowers, sprigs of texture, and 3 accent flowers.

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