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Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

Ranunculus- Deep Purple

$ 29.00

10 stems per bunch.

Description:  Delicate, intricate, but hardy.  ***Deep purple ranunculus are also called 'burgundy' but can lean very plum, in my opinion.  It truly varies throughout the year.  I still love to use them in my wine palette designs!

Size:  Smaller than a rose, so I typically group them in threes to create visual impact.

Special Care Notes:  22 Gauge floral wire recommended for ranunculus.  Sometimes they can be very top heavy, which cause the head to turn down and sag.  But the good news is ranunculus's stems are hollow so you can run a straight wire up the center and VOILA! 

I find Ranunculus to be fairly hardy and to have a longer vase life than most accent flowers.  I do recommend placing them in a sunny spot to encourage these little jewels to open to their full capacity.  

**Like children, I'm not suppose to have favorites.....but I can't help it, these little flowers are my favorite!!!