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Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

Baby's Breath

$ 16.00

Description:  Large bundle of multiple white buds on each stem.

Why I Love Baby's Breath:  Baby's Breath is as very inexpensive option for a bridesmaid bouquet or centerpieces.  It's extremely hardy, and has a very light, sweet look.

Special Care:  None, although I do recommend not pulling it apart unless you need to separate the bunch.  

Floral Amount Estimate for Your Calculation Needs:

  • Bridal Bouquet:  1-2 bunches
  • Maids Bouquets:  1 bunch
  • Centerpieces: 1 bunch
  • Ceremony Urn or Pergola Cage:  3 bunches per urn
  • Aisle Chairs:  1/2 bunch
  • Bouts, Corsages, and Lil' Stuff:   A few sprigs will do ya!