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Accent Specialty Flowers

Accent Flowers are like the 'jewelry' of floral design! They tend to have unique shapes, colors, and offer a lot of visual interest. While they are typically a bit more pricey than filler flowers, they pack a huge visual punch, and for that reason, you don't need a lot them to set off your arrangements.  

Accent flowers tend to be more seasonal and have higher color variations. They typically account for 20% of the design specs.

Flower Moxie's Recommended Floral Design Specs:

35% Greenery    35% Filler Flowers      20% Accent Flowers      10% Texture Flowers

anemone wedding flowers
astrantia wedding flowers
Calla lily wedding flower
dahlia wedding flower
feverfew chamomile wedding flower
fresh lavender wedding flower
lisianthus wedding flower
orchid wedding flower
peony wedding flower bulk

Accent Flowers