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Accent Flowers

Think of 'Accent Flowers' as the jewelry of your floral arrangements. They are smaller, pricier, but make a bigger visual impact than volume flowers.

By nature, these flowers are a bit like a beauty queen....they are fussy, delicate, and frustrating at times...but in the end, STUNNING!

***If you don't see what you're looking for, feel free to request a custom quote. We can get any flower that grows under the sun, but you don't need all of those choices! Sorry, we are protecting you from yourself here.*** 

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Anemone- Purple

$ 28.50
Lisianthus- Mauve

Lisianthus- Mauve

$ 27.00
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Veronica - 10 Stems

$ 16.50
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Peonies - 5 Stems

$ 40.00
Mini Calla Lilly - 10 Stems

Mini Calla Lilly - 10 Stems

$ 45.00


$ 8.00
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Privet Berry | Viburnum Berry

$ 32.00
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Scabiosa Pods

$ 22.50
Lavender | Lavender Wedding | Lavender Wedding Bouquet | Flower Moxie


$ 29.50
Safari Sunset | Marsala Weddings | Burgundy wedding flowers | Burgundy Greenery | Flower Moxie

Safari Sunset

$ 20.00


$ 26.50
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Romantic Antike Garden Rose

$ 65.00
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