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Popular Celebrity Wedding Flowers

Popular Celebrity Wedding Flowers

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From flower crowns to arches and everything between, celebrity wedding flowers are a huge source of inspiration for brides-to-be. Maybe you like the style that the blooms bring to the party. Maybe you've finally found the color palette of your dreams. No matter how you find inspiration from famous celebrity's wedding flowers, you may be having a hard time translating these blooms to help in your wedding flower search.

The standout in most celebrity weddings tends to be the bouquet — the famous bride is carrying it down the aisle, after all. Sometimes a flower wall, blossoms on a cake or other floral decorations can take center stage, too.

You've scrolled through the Instagram photos, scoured articles on every platform and you still can't tell what that flower is in your favorite celebrity's wedding. No need to stress, sweet pea, we are here to help!

We're compiling the most popular celebrity bridal flowers from bouquets to centerpieces so you can replicate the look for your wedding day.

Don't see your celeb inspiration?

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Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's Wedding Flowers

The most talked-about use of flowers at the Kardashian-West wedding is hands down the floral backdrop. Kim and Kanye's wedding featured not one but two flower walls. The couple said "I do" in front of the reportedly $136,000 floral arrangement. Oh, that's nothing, right? Yeah, definitely not. But don't scroll away out of price tag woes because you can still take inspiration from these flower towers.

The flowers that create these impressive walls include:

Flower Wall Flowers

So go for a flower backdrop  maybe one not quite as towering  if you want to emulate Kim Kardashian's wedding flowers. Don't have access to Kardashian-amounts of cash? You can still achieve this elegant yet breathtaking decor with your own combination of cream, white and silver floral accents. Balance spray roses, or roses with many blooms on one stem, with smaller blossoms to create eye-catching variety.

The flower walls were iconic for their extravagant yet minimalist design. Sure, those are some tall floral displays, but there were no other flowers around as the couple tied the knot. Allowing the walls to stand on their own in the overall decor kept flowers from overwhelming the ceremony. If you aren't looking to scatter blossoms in every square inch of your venue, consider a statement like a floral backdrop.



Prince William and Kate Middleton's Wedding Flowers

The floral decor takes the spotlight sometimes, but we're often more likely to notice what the bride carries down the aisle. Kate Middleton's wedding bouquet was the royal wedding's most well-noticed floral feature. Here's what her elegant bouquet featured:

  • Myrtle
  • Lily of the valley
  • Sweet William
  • Hyacinth
  • Ivy

The bouquet caught everyone's eye because it features flowers of royal significance, whether it be through their meanings or where they were grown. With a total wedding budget of over $34 million, it's not surprising that a royal bride would have a bouquet with a royal price tag.

Since your wedding flowers won't need to have historical significance, you can easily cut costs and still get the look of Kate Middleton's wedding flowers. Combine dainty white blossoms with lighter color greenery. Go for the small shield-shape for a bouquet that looks like Kate's. If you want a grander — and heavier — version of Kate's wedding flowers, check out Princess Diana's bouquet.


Prince Charles and Princess Diana's Wedding Flowers

When you think "royal wedding," you probably imagine a large, flowing bouquet like Princess Diana's. The arrangement was 42 inches long and weighed over four pounds, so it's no wonder these flowers got all the attention. Princess Diana's wedding bouquet contained:

  • White gardenias
  • Orchids
  • Freesias
  • Lily of the valley

Many credit Princess Diana's wedding bouquet with changing the trend from small bunches of bridal flowers to grand and flowing arrangements. Her bouquet also shows that you don't need a crazy huge variety of flowers to create your impressive arrangement. The minimalism of a few main blooms helps balance the large size of the bouquet itself. The color palette also follows this technique. A majority of white blossoms with a few yellow throughout create a limited yet beautiful color choice.

Princess Diana Wedding Flowers

Looking to bring royal wedding flowers to different parts of your ceremony? Other flowers featured in Princess Diana's wedding included:

Feature these flowers, or similar ones, on the cake, with the flower girls or in the venue for a similar vibe to Princess Diana's wedding flowers. Go with white as your prime color and scatter in a bit of yellow to mimic this royal wedding's floral design.


Brandon Blackstock and Kelly Clarkson's Wedding Flowers

If you want celebrity inspiration with more pops of color, look no further than Kelly Clarkson's rustic-yet-chic bouquet. Her arrangement appears to include local varieties of wildflowers that give it that Southern charm. You can get the look of Kelly Clarkson's wedding bouquet with these and similar blooms:

The sunflowers stand out in this arrangement with their yellow hue and larger size. Go with sunflowers or similar large blossoms as a statement and tie in other colors to evoke Kelly Clarkson's wedding bouquet. Your arrangement is sure to stand out just as hers did with shades of yellow, purple and blue!

Kelly Clarkson's wedding flowers provide a contrast to the usual white or cream design. If you are looking for floral designs that stray away from white and incorporate the rainbow instead, let Kelly Clarkson's arrangement prove that you can find celebrity inspiration out there. Even if you like the look of an off-white and ivory floral design but want color, you can make it your own by adding different hues.


John Legend and Chrissy Teigen's Wedding Flowers

It's back to the classic, simple and elegant white arrangement with Chrissy Teigen's wedding bouquet. Her floral bunch, with more greenery than we've seen in these other celeb bouquets, featured:

Chrissy Teigen's bouquet stood out, ironically, because it was minimal. Don't want the flowers you carry down the aisle to distract from you on your wedding day? You can easily recreate this gorgeous yet subtle arrangement. Feature white- and cream-tones throughout a variety of greenery to get this look.

If you want to imagine yourself saying "I do" to John Legend, check out the rest of Chrissy Teigen's wedding flowers and choose similar colors for your wedding:

Incorporate this range of blossoms and greenery on the escort-card table, as table centerpieces and on the cake for floral decor inspired by the Legend-Teigen wedding. Pops of color and other pink tones add a bit of interest to shake up the typical all-white decor. A variety of greens gives the overall design a rustic and natural touch.

Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus' Wedding Flowers

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth's intimate ceremony has that rustic-yet-trendy barnyard feel, and the floral designs elevate the vibe. What stands out the most is Miley's bouquet. The large arrangement fans out with a variety of blooms and greens. From what we can tell, Miley Cyrus' wedding bouquet contained these flowers:


The subtle colors in the arrangement hold the large bouquet back from being too in-your-face. If you're looking for a statement piece to accompany you down the aisle, consider a fanning arrangement like Miley's.

Want to run with that barnyard vibe? Other flowers used in Miley Cyrus' wedding include pink, white and quicksand roses, baby's breath and more white anemones in the wedding arch, which also made a stunning backdrop for pics.

Miley Cyrus' wedding flowers show how to tie floral aspects of your wedding together without using the same flowers. Choose a key bloom to incorporate everywhere, like the white anemones, and mix in different blossoms and greenery. Switching up your designs also means you can drop a bit more cash on smaller pieces. Go a bit extravagant on your bouquet without putting expensive flowers everywhere else.

Tips for Replicating Your Favorite Celebrity's Wedding Flowers

If you want a bouquet fit for royalty or wedding flowers as elegant as a celeb's, don't let the potential price tag discourage you. You're a DIY bride on a mission, and we're here to help!

As you stack up the celebrity wedding Pins on your Pinterest Board, keep these tips in mind:

  1. Consider alternatives: Don't stress yourself out trying to find the exact type of flower a celebrity had in her bouquet. Many flowers have doppelgangers, and, as a bonus, you can save money with the alternatives. There are so many types and shades of flowers out there. Swapping a garden rose with a peony won't make anyone say, "This doesn't look like it did in the royal wedding!"

  2. Make it your own: Start with a celebrity wedding for inspiration then go in your own direction. Keep the same flowers but use a different color. Use only one of the blooms a celeb did and choose others you like. Or ignore their designs entirely if you find something else you're into after your idea search.

  3. Evoke their color or design without copying it: Take colors, flowers, greenery and other bouquet decorations from a celebrity bridal bouquet when creating your own. Consider the variety of blooms the famous bride had in her bouquet along with the ratio of greenery. Pick a similar fabric, lace, ribbon or bow to what was around her arrangement to draw further inspiration. For the decor, use similar layouts of flowers without tracking down the same vase — it'd probably be thousands of dollars anyway!

  4. Ask for help: We love a challenge! And helping our Moxie brides find flowers and greens they love is our mission. Reach out to us at Flower Moxie if you're looking for advice or answers!

Tips for Getting Celebrity Wedding Flower Looks

Probably the best tip when trying to mimic a celebrity wedding is to go with dupes of flowers to save some cash. Here are some look-alikes to inspire you:


Celebrity Wedding Flower Look-a-Likes:

  1. Kim Kardashian-- Flowers with lots of blossoms. Instead of ginestra, try white snapdragons, white statice or other filler options with plenty of blossoms per stem.
  2. Don't have thousands of dollars to drop on a royal wedding flower arrangement? Consider white tweedia to substitute for myrtle. Instead of lily of the valley, try other bell-shaped blossoms or something like snapdragons. Nigella flowers can evoke sweet William flowers. And check out delphinium or Veronica in place of hyacinth.
  3. Even brightly-colored blooms have doppelgangers out there. Purple button poms make an excellent substitute for purple asters. When picking replacements for brighter colors, think about what you like more. Is it the color that caught your eye or the shape of the flower? Try to find a perfect match but prioritize either the shade or shape in case you have to compromise.
  4. Find different greens that mimic celebrity's wedding flowers. Pay attention to shades of green, leaf size and stem length when choosing green substitutes. Since the flowers are the focal point, don't stress too much about the green. Ultimately, go with greenery that suits your style.

All is not lost if you can't find the same flower your favorite celeb had in her wedding. Remember the tips above and draw inspiration from different celebrity bridal flowers to create your own designs!


Celebrity Flowers on a DIY Budget

Contact Flower Moxie

When it comes to wedding inspiration, celebrity weddings are at the top of most Moxie brides' Pinterest boards. As much as we'd like to have celebrity budgets for our weddings, we have to be realistic. But don't let that discourage you! At Flower Moxie, we can help you create bouquets and other floral arrangements inspired by your favorite celeb looks.

Don't see your favorite celebrity wedding flowers listed above? Contact us, tell us what you're drawing inspiration from and we'll help you find the flowers you need! Be sure to check back in this ongoing article for updates on celebrity bouquets and wedding flowers, too.

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