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How To Choose The Perfect Bouquet To Match Your Wedding Dress

How To Choose The Perfect Bouquet To Match Your Wedding Dress

The bride's image is beauty and perfection, embodied in every detail, starting with the dress, and ending with the color of lipstick. When planning how you will look on your wedding day, it is important to find harmony and correctly combine all the components. The bride should see the big picture in her head, clearly representing a perfectly thought-out concept and style.

There are no minor details here! The shape of the bride's bouquet should be selected based on the style of the wedding dress. This article will reveal all the secrets and show which bouquets are harmoniously combined with various options for wedding dresses.

A-line Dress

The lines and classic silhouette of this wedding dress will be relevant at all times. For all its femininity and tenderness, the A-shape looks quite simple. An asymmetric, complex, or huge bouquet will overshadow your wedding dress.

It would be good if you choose a round bouquet of medium size for A-silhouette, preferably from flowers of the same type, slightly diluted with greenery or without it at all.

Form-Fitting Sheath Dress

Brides who choose a dress according to their figure are bold and passionate natures; they are not shy about their forms and are not afraid to be the center of attention. These girls need an original bouquet: bright, slightly disheveled, non-standard shape, and with unusual flowers and other plants in the composition.

It recommends paying more attention to the greenery in such a bouquet. Variants with eucalyptus, ivy, ruckus, and even dry twigs sticking out in different directions will be an exciting solution that can emphasize the bride's bold and freedom-loving nature. At the same time, even the most unusual composition will not block the wow effect of a wedding dress.

Puffy Ball Gown

Like the Princess dress from Walt Disney cartoons, a wedding dress should be supplemented with a larger bouquet than all the previous ones in our article. It can be with a light cascade and such large lush flowers as peonies, roses of certain varieties, lilies, or exotic Proteas.

To create a cascade, you can use greenery and plants with hanging inflorescences. Long ribbons and other decorations that visually increase the volume of the bouquet are allowed. All this will only play into the bride's hands and balance her silhouette, compensating for the splendor and airiness of the lower part of the wedding dress.

Mermaid Dress

The most significant part of such a dress is the "mermaid tail", that is, the flaring down, often asymmetrical skirt. The greatest effect of such a wedding dress is the train. What bouquet can favorably emphasize all this beauty? Of course, cascading!

A flowing bouquet is not always convenient; some brides are categorically against this form. Then you should consider the option of a bouquet on long stems. Thus, elongated proportions are observed, which perfectly match the silhouette of the "mermaid."


Low - Waisted Dress

This model is suitable for almost any form of a bouquet, from small and classic to large and original. The low waistline is the main accent of this dress; it draws attention from the bride's face to the skirt of her wedding dress. The bouquet task is to return the guests ' eyes to the main Princess of this holiday.

It is recommended to pay attention to flowers such as orchids, as well as experiment with unusual shapes of the bouquet. A ring bouquet will be a bold decision; it is beautiful and easy to handle. Another little tip: a flower wreath looks luxurious in combination with a low-waisted wedding dress.

Short Wedding Dress

Small and elegant: this is how you can describe the perfect bouquet for a mini wedding dress. The bride's flower arrangement emphasizes her fragility and youth because young girls usually choose short dresses for the wedding.

A very gentle and refined look can be combined with the bouquets of small flowers: gypsophila, lilies of the valley, hydrangeas, forget-me-nots, Bush roses or carnations, wildflowers.

When choosing flowers and the shape of a bouquet for a wedding dress, remember that recommendations are not the laws that you need to follow 100%. There are exceptions to any rule, and the rules for your holiday are made up only by yourself.

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