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Julia Roberts Can Suck It

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So it's 1999 and you pop in the Notting Hill DVD your ma sprang for and Elvis Costello "She" floats out of your Sanyo speakers and there's Roberts. Brilliant. Glamourous. Teeth reflecting the dazzle of the cameras. 

You wonder why Hugh Grant is deemed attractive because his eyes are a bit wonky but become FIERCELY protective of him the moment Roberts walks away from it all. (Bridget Jones's Diary hasn't come out yet so you are still Team Grant.) You might be drinking.  

We're all supposed to embrace Roberts in the end and chalk it up to the vulnerability of a heart in love.

This all runs through my mind when I look at Angie's wedding photos and see her hungrily embracing everyone she adores. When I watch her husband cocoon himself in her flowing train. When I learn her dear maternal grandmother designed her dress based off the gown Hepburn wore in Fancy Face. 

She is the "She" we all deserved. And this is the Love we all aspire to. 

Easy. Encompassing. Blatant. Abundant. The kind of love that welcomes elegance and wildness. Mossy table arrangements and GIANT GAMES OF OPERATION.


Photography by Lydia Jane

Botanicals by Flower Moxie, arranged by Kaelie Gomez and Kierlyn Ward (friends of bride) @kaewilms @kierlyngail: Anemones, hypericum berries, juliet garden roses, ranunculus, seeded and silver dollar eucalyptus, white stock, wax flower, spray roses and poppies.

Hair: Johanna Buch (friend of bride)

Makeup: Chelsea March (roommate!) @chelseadmarch

Most-sent gif while emailing about flowers: Sue on SNL