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Mother of Protea and Farting Dog

Mother of Protea and Dog Farting

Meet Emily, the #moxiebride with Khaleesi’s dress sense and a penchant for taming exotic flowers. Her stunning images were captured by the talented Kelsi Laine Photography!

We connected over a year ago when she approached Flower Moxie for a custom design. I was already a goner three words into email #1. (Flattery gets you everywhere.)

·Email #1- "Amy, you GODDESS!! This is perfect! I'm peeing my pants! My mom is even pumped about this! My Great Dane, Indiana Jones, is so excited that he just farted!"
·Email #2- (Sends pic of Indiana in full cone) Indiana Jones ate a toy from our friends' house that looked like a marshmallow because I may or may not feed him marshmallows when I may or may not make s'mores for myself when Heath isn't home.
·Email #3- Signed: Thank you! E. Boli (my mom really didn’t think that one through. And she’s a nurse so she should’ve known!)
·Email #4- First of all, during all of my creeping on your Facebook (no shame), you do not look your age at all. You look like you're in your mid twenties. If not younger. I hope you do not find this offensive so we can continue our friendship. Rock those genes girl! Please share your skin care routine.

Emily is thusly my happy hour bae for life (yes, she lives in OKC, yes, I stalked her and forced a friendship, yes she has replaced Emilia Clarke as my lady crush).

Custom designs can lead to eternal friendships, sweetpeas.