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Daisy the Bride, Not the Flower

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Sometimes you work with a Rose or an Aster and they want to do this meta thing where they carry the flowers they’re named after. It happens. And that’s why I appreciate Daisy’s approach on her DOM. (Day of Matrimony. Feel free to use that.)

She mastered the Old South feel without giving everyone visions of some guy named Beauford rocking on a porch. It’s lacy without being fussy. Twinkly without being trite. Traditional without being predictable. Really, this is the fireworks in your stomach/gasp on your lips/stars in your eyes wedding everybody dreams about. Yet they made it entirely their own. (Try not to be moved when you see the sun swathing that bridal sketch in light.)

Also, maybe more an alarming personal note for me: It was nearly 100 degrees at this wedding and NO ONE, not even the suited groom, is sweating more than I am right now. And I’m eating Caramel Cone Haagen Dazs in a dark room.

The best part of this union – it just feels real. Important. And buoyed with joy. At any given moment, an heirloom hair pin could have been gifted to a dear friend, then followed up with an all-you-can-eat nacho challenge. That's my kind of love party.

In Daisy's own words, her favorite part of her wedding was: "Seeing all the people we love at the same time having fun (despite it being 95 degrees), while knowing that each of them supported and loved us individually and as a couple."

Design Time:  It took two of us around two hours for the majority of the flowers, including bouquets and center pieces. One of my family friends has some experience with flower arranging, so that definitely helped a lot. We also had an assembly line going for boutonnieres (we had a mini one available for every guests). 


Photography:  Sarah Sidwell Photography

Planner/Designer/Coordinator: CJs Off the Square

Location: CJs Off the Square

Officiant: Chance Dillon

Caterer: McConnell Hospitality Group

Floral Designer: DIY flowers through Flower Moxie

Cake and/or other desserts: Wolfe Gourmet Cakes

Dress Designer: J.Crew

Groom’s suit: J.Crew

Bridesmaid dresses: J.Crew

Getting ready robes/slippers: Victoria’s Secret, PUMA

DJ: Premier, the Entertainment Company

Rentals: Southern Events

Hair/Makeup: Blush + Honey Beauty