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Same Kind of Different

Same Kind of Different

"Okay but just in case I go missing, here is his license plate number."

I adore Minette and Jorge’s love story because it’s full of weird, anxious sweetness and missed opportunities at Taco Bell and warm cliffside winds that got a blindfolded Minette a little nervy. I bet there was boob sweat.

Here’s how it went down. M-J went to college together in Pennsylvania. They worked together and put on a diversity ball that was basically the equivalent of College Prom. There was electric sliding and prolific grooving to Miley Cyrus. And there was the reality of Minette’s boyfriend.
M-J were Pam and Jim before Pam and Jim were Pam and Jim. Are you following me, you guys? Have some more coffee.

One month later, Minette was single. A knock came upon her dorm door.

“Hey, a bunch of us are going to T-Bell. 
You wanna come?”

And Jorge got down on one knee and–YOU GUYS I’M JOKING. Minette was sick and the chicken quesadilla didn’t happen that day. But the duo kept orbiting one another.
THERE WAS A KISS while watching the Haiti earthquake benefit concert on CNN in Jorge’s room, but they decided to keep things caj and just spend time getting to know one another.

Months go by. It’s June 2010. Minette is about to go home to visit family in Jamaica. The day before she leaves, Jorge drops another zinger that didn’t involve a gordita crunch.

“Tonight I’m gonna change your life.”

After dinner and a movie, Jorge asks in the car if Minette trusts him.

“Uh, yeah?”

On goes the blindfold. There is driving, parking, Jorge running out of the car then coming back with a box full of suspicious clunking sounds. More driving. More parking. Minette’s window is rolled down and there is hushed Spanish conversation between Jorge and some dude. Minette is pulled out of the car and guided over a path of crunchy gravel. The way the wind blows tells her there is a steep drop-off in front of her.

"OMG he is about to push me off a cliff."

Jorge takes the blindfold off, and Minette sees he’s on one knee. BUT PLOT TWIST. He asks her to be his girlfriend. The two stand beside the country club gazebo overlooking the Delaware water gap and Minette starts to bawl. (The clunking box contained wine glasses, not a murder weapon.) Five years later, they stand together elevated once more. This time at the top of Mexico’s capitol city. This time, asking her to be his wife.
M-J’s wedding was really a reboot of the diversity ball they planned so many years prior. The music, food, colors and textiles paid homage to Jorge’s Mexican culture and Minette’s Jamaican heritage. Friends came from all over the world to dance their diverse butts off. Minette couldn’t walk two days later. (FROM THE DANCING YOU GUYS OMG.)