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The Reason Why I Quit Forensic Science

The Reason Why I Quit Forensic Science

Why I quit forensic science aka A Case of the Darmstadters

 I know y’all can imagine me in a starched lab coat analyzing crime scenes, saying very Law & Order things like “blunt force trauma from behind.” And we all know that is good, important, soul-shaking work. But let me be clear: I never got an afternoon email that made me swivel in my office chair, pour a glass of wine and shout YAS.

Now it happens every day. I’m proud of every single one of my Moxie Brides. Their creativity and willingness to tackle something that others deem “too challenging” makes me want to snap my Spanx waistband in sista solidarity.

When Courtney Darmstadter sent me just ONE image of her wedding, I done threw my hands in the air and stopped working for the day. It was THAT. GOOD.

Courtney (hereafter referred to as Court-dolla-make-you-holla) created this epic bouquet that appears to lounge/arch/lean back into her arms. All nonchalant-like, but I know how chalant this bouquet truly is because I know how nervous Court-dolla-make-you-holla was. And that’s what makes this so, so beautiful. She was terrified and she did it anyway. And isn’t that really what love is all about?

Also, can we take a moment to admire Court-dolla’s timelessness – how she can turn her head effortlessly to the side like an empress or Boticelli babe, yet when I do it, people ask if I need to use the restroom. You impress the heck out of me, Court-dolla. I’m so glad I get to answer your frantic texts instead of filling out lab paperwork.

Major props to Adriana Lombardi of HereNorth Photography for the stunning work.

In Court-dolla’s words:

Most fun part of the weekend was probably getting ready with my girls on the day of and seeing all of my out of town family and friends together!!

I went through a lot of emotions that week, it felt unreal for awhile and then Thursday I was very overwhelmed and stressed about all the last minute details coming together. Friday I woke up feeling so excited to marry my best friend!! Saturday was just so much fun. We wrote each other letters and read them and that definitely got me emotional. 

 The best part of the ceremony was walking down the aisle and seeing the look on Dylan's face! He will deny it but he teared up when he hugged my dad and grabbed my hand, haha 

I was so overwhelmed and worried about the flowers but they came and they were SO beautiful and your videos and responding to texts right away really calmed me down and everything went perfectly!! Thank you thank you thank you. 

diy bouquetdiy boutdiy bridediy boutdiy bouquetdiy bridal bouquetdiy centerpiece 




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