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At Home with Friggen Ashley

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If you are brave and kind I will stalk you. So will tens of thousands of others. BUT IT WAS MY IDEA FIRST OKAY.

The force behind Instagram sensation @athomewithashley has always moved me. Sure she can teach you to decorate around a 60" Panasonic and advise how to own abstract art without your mother asking if what she's seeing are indeed "breasts." But I LOVE the girl's spine!

When Ashley was leaving her little one to go back to work, her heart crumbled like those sad Meringue things that come in plastic tubs. She was hurting. She was also strategizing. 

Girlfriend totally could have compromised her values or eaten a lot of Hot Pockets in protest. Instead, she elected to build an online design empire. While Don napped, she blogged. While Don filled his diaper, she feng-shuied her living room. She became a table-setting, photo-snapping, design-hustling machine during every single minute of downtime. (Sorry hubs. Also, thanks hubs.) 

When she attracted 90,000 follows on Instagram, she quit her day job.

"I want to live a life I design! Right now, for me, that means being home with my child and writing this blog. This post is dedicated to all of the moms out there that have to work away from their kids even though it kills them. I just want to give you hope that there are choices! If I can do it, anyone can."

SO YEAH I WAS KIND OF EXCITED WHEN THE OPPORTUNITY AROSE TO COLLABORATE WITH ASHLEY ON HER SUMMER SOIREE. And by "opportunity arose" I mean I hunted her down until she agreed to let me send her flowers. Ashley, it's been a pleasure. I'm so proud of you!  Stunning images captured by The Landon Creative!

Fabled Papery – invitations

Flour & Flourish– cake

Flower Moxie– flowers

Fresh Market Threads– dress

Kneaders– food

Magnolia Bloom Boutique– balloons

The Landon Creative– photography