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I Would So Tear You Out Of A Magazine

I Would So Tear You Out Of A Magazine

This wedding was fangirl-worthy and I don’t even feel weird posting about it constantly because Stacey and Austin are outta-this-world cool. 
Number one, Stacey can master this far-away look that’s a cross between longing and understanding the meaning of life. When I do that I look constipated. 
Two, there is such genuine tenderness between this couple! They master the space-between-our-arms-is-home thing. 
Three, GUESTS WERE INVITED TO FEED A HORSE AS WEDDING ENTERTAINMENT. Y’all think you’ve seen some eagerness when the bride throws the bouquet? Put me on the same site as a horse and you will see some true elbow-shoving. 
Let’s talk flowers: Stacey diy-ed a custom flowerscape with Juliet garden roses, white lisianthus, Queen Anne's lace, ranunculus, veronica, Tiffany roses and loads of eucalyptus. She also told me my directions "ROCKED" so we are basically besties.
Be Light Photography suspended the magic of this day – including one of my favorite photos: a booty-popping bridesmaid that truly captures Girl World, yet it still feels elegant? WHAT FILTERS DO YOU USE. 
Stacey and Austin, you stole my heart. <3


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Julie Prince - July 18, 2017

A magical night…thanks for allowing us to be a part of the magic.

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