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Got Me Like Gatsby

Got Me Like Gatsby

Remember the opening of (Leo's) Great Gatsby film where gauzy curtains ripple in a sun-drenched room and Daisy's bejeweled hand slides over the couch back like SUP I'M A FAB HEART-BREAKER. ??

Olivia and Alex curated a rustic-glam wedding that feels entirely cohesive and entirely unlike me when I pair a billowy blouse with beat-up Converse kicks. There were whorls of wood knots and a gleaming green Jag. Silky robes with bare feet. Kids peeking out of pressed table skirts while groomsmen bowed to tie their shoes amidst meadowland and blue sky. 
Oh and you could pick your own succulent to take home and love forever which I cannot handle. Then Alex goes and throws on his bout-ed suit jacket like something out of A Knight's Tale. My eye is twitching. 
Flowers: Cream spray roses, Juliet garden roses, thistle, hypericum berries, hydrangea, Tiffany roses, peach stock, quicksand roses, veronica, silver dollar euc, nagi, peonies, black magic, and burg. ranunculus
Shout out to Lizard Nickel Photography for capturing it all and making me wonder if I should own an iguana named 5-cent.
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