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Flower HALP!

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***Written by our very own Moxie Bride, Malinda!  I liked her (more like obsessively wanted to be friends) upon her first email when she wrote: "Greetings from the steamy cesspool of construction that is downtown Norman."  
I liked her SO MUCH that I casually told my manfriend I wanted to eat in Norman (30 minutes away), then casually mentioned that he'd need to drop me off at a strange B&B for an hour or so and go drink alone because I 'had things to do'.  It's a mystery as to why I have not been snatched up and married off, but we will talk about those things later. *****
What can I say about Flower Moxie & Amy? A lot, actually. Proceed onward, Gentle Reader.
After wading though all of the vender reviews at Wedding Wire & The Knot, I decided to reach out to Amy about putting together a custom package for my vow renewal. She responded quickly, and the minute I read her email I realized I had found the vendor for my flowers, as well as someone who was going to make DIY not only cost effective but FUN. We worked out a game plan through some hilarious emails (did I mention she’s hilarious? She’s hilarious) and a phone call. I spent the weeks leading up to the event watching the Flower Moxie vids on YouTube which totally increased my confidence.
3 days before the event, I picked my flowers up and proceeded to panic. What looks like a manageable amount on paper looked like A LOT more crammed into my car (pro tip: if you’re lucky enough to live local, take an SUV or prepare to drive with flowers in your lap). A refresher view of the “how to prep” video and a LARGE glass (okay, bottle) of wine and I was ready to rock and roll. I spent a very pleasant evening blasting some Queen, stripping leaves & thorns, snipping stems. The sight of all those glorious flowers in their slightly less glamourous plastic tubs made me feel like I was well on my way to kicking some DIY bootie.
Now enter the plot conflict. I was supposed to have the entire day before the ceremony off. You know, last minute errands, buffing my nails, and creating gorgeous arrangements. I’m sure you can see where this is headed, Gentle Reader. Two phone calls about sick employees left me at my desk for the entire day, with my stress level rising exponentially. When Amy texted me that she would be in Norman and could lend me a hand for an hour or so, I was beside myself with relief & gratitude.
After work, I sprinted to the cottage to meet Amy & wrangle those stems into submission. When she arrived, I’m pretty sure I hugged her hard enough to crack a rib. She whipped out an apron & her box of magic tools, I broke out the wine (sensing a theme here yet?) and we got down to business. She gave me great directions and in no time at all I was making arrangements like a pro. I decided on the spot that she must be my Flowery God Mother. If she had flung open a window and woodland creatures and teensy birds had come in to help her put flowers together, I would not have been even mildly surprised. The hour flew by, and in the end I had a stunning bouquet, adorable bouts, and perfect bud vases. When she left, I was so relieved that the flowers were done & so very lovely, I may have shed a tear or two. I’m blaming the wine.
We had a gorgeous event, and the compliments flowed in. I’d do it again, without hesitation.
If a picture is worth a thousand words, enjoy this photographic dialogue of the Flower Moxie Magic.
Photography: http://www.michellevalantinephotography.com/
Cake: http://www.amycakesok.com/
Venue: http://www.pasnorman.org/
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